About Remote Year

Remote Year is the leading global community-based travel platform that sparks boundless and borderless opportunities for growth and change through remote working and immersive local experiences. Since 2015, we have facilitated over 80 life-changing programs in 40+ destinations for over 3,000 individuals, and we are proud of our Excellent (4.6) Trustpilot rating.

We believe in the transformative power of travel, and empower people to unleash their human potential as they live, work, learn, and grow in the world’s most inspiring destinations on our 1 week retreats or 1-month, 4-month, and 12-month journeys.

We are pioneers in remote working, and as a fully remote and virtual company, we believe that travel and remote work lead to innovation, exploration, and personal and professional growth.

Why work with us?

  • We offer a competitive compensation
  • You will work fully remote, like on our programs, the world is your office. Choose your base or next location
  • You will join a diverse, globally distributed team, passionate about everything "remote"
  • You will have the opportunity to join our programs

About the Role

City Community Leaders are the hosts for every program that enters their city. They work with the City Manager to ensure their accommodations are ready, they organize experiences, they curate community, and they’re the go-to for things to do or any issues that arise.

What we are looking for:

You’re already a great host. City Community Leaders are naturally great hosts, which means you were already playing the part before we found you. You’re constantly on the quest to meet new people and connect your massive network. It means that your friends and family turn to you to know how to spend their weekend, where to eat, and what’s going on in the underground scene. It means that you have a true love for your city and helping others experience it. [Key qualities: passion for people, passion for your city and country, natural leader/go-getter, well connected]

You think big and small. City Community Leaders come up with big, creative ideas for how to bring their city to life - whether that be finding 10+ Grandmas to teach Remotes how to cook, or lining up an opportunity for Remotes to spend a day inside a prison hearing the stories of prisoners. But they also know that every tiny detail matters, so transport is never late, accommodations are always comfortable, the workspace always has enough seats, and food is never lacking a vegetarian option. [Key qualities: organized, detail oriented, creative, requires little oversight]

People are your specialty. Local vendors? They love working with you. Other Remote Year team members? They love working with you. Remotes? They love being around you. City Community Leaders can effortlessly manage relationships, engage people, turn any problem into a solution, and light up any room they walk into. [Key qualities: present, engaging, enthusiastic, empathetic, and approachable]

What you will be doing

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

    1. Assisting the City Manager with key logistics tasks
      • Helping coordinate infrastructure for groups in the city
      • Help with check-in, transportation, and the general arrival experience for the groups
    2. Community Building and Fostering
      • Designing and curating community events throughout the course of each month to drive relationship building, professional development and personal growth amongst Remotes
      • Embodying Remote Year’s mission, values, and Code of Conduct, leading by example to create a transformative experience for their Remotes.
      • Keeping a pulse on all of the members of their community and adjusts programming to ensure the environment is an inclusive one.
    3. Experience Delivery and Vendor Management
      • With the help of the city manager and experience team, you’ll design and execute local month-long programming to provide a platform for unique, locally immersive experiences in your city.
      • You’ll work with local vendors daily managing and planning the budget for each and every monthly activity
    4. Team Support
      • You’ll be the on-the-ground support for our Remote team and on deck to cover a range of team support day in and day out. You’ll be responsible for going above and beyond - holding Remotes and Staff weekly office hours, events and other support that will often require you to work on weekends
      • Collaborating with City Teams, Onboarding, and other RY Staff to ensure Remotes’ needs are being met and that we are providing a valuable customer experience.


  • From Osaka or have lived there for at least 2 years.
  • Excellent English speaking ability and fluency in the native language is a must.
  • Strong empathy, emotional intelligence and relationship building skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Customer support, travel, and hospitality experience preferred
  • Local knowledge / contacts
  • Effective communicator and Detail oriented
  • Experience using digital tools like Google docs, Slack, Email, and excel

Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

Remote Year is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all employees to show up authentically and an inclusive and diverse travel environment for all of our participants to practice global empathy.