Program Leader 2018 at Remote Year

Remote Year

Program Leader 2018

Full-Time in Anywhere in the world, worldwide - Program Operations

Our Company

Remote Year brings together communities of interesting professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities around the world. Spending one month in each location, communities connect with local cultures and business ecosystems, forming lifelong, borderless personal and professional relationships along the way. Together we are shaping the future of work.

Role Description

The Program Leader is ultimately accountable for the experience and success of each Remote Year program - delivered through a blend of operational and community management skills. This role includes a wide variety of activities including managing all logistics related to the program, leading program design for the group, building and maintaining strong relations with the community and helping Remote Year build its network and knowledge of cities around the world. This role requires a full year of travelling the world with a community of Remotes.


  1. Customer Service Managing our ticketing system and Remote complaints to effectively solve all lifestyle issues in a timely fashion with impeccable communication and expectation setting

  2. Fostering Community Establishing and growing a strong sense of community by managing the ebbs and flows of community dynamics and creating opportunities for strengthening personal and professional connections

  3. Individual Support Developing a strong relationship with each Remote by providing effective communications and solutions, including navigating wellbeing and other issues

  4. Product Fit and Customization Customizing the Remote Year product and managing variations to optimize for the community and all individuals

  5. Operations and Logistics Ensuring smooth and seamless travel, exit, and entry, and flawlessly tracking all individual and community information

  6. Collective Experiences Building platforms for unique and connecting community experiences and supporting Remotes in their initiatives, with perfect communication and execution


  • Required: 2+ years of experience in operations, logistics, event planning, customer service, or community based leadership

  • Required: Extended travel experience

  • Preferred: Experience in tourism and/or working with small companies/teams


  1. Interpersonal skills – this is a people job. You have to be able to/genuinely love connecting with diverse groups of people, all the time, in multiple ways

  2. Communications skills - individual and group interaction, both with your community, our team, and local contacts, will require much of your time and energy

  3. Organization Skills - ability to seamlessly manage multiple moving pieces on a daily/weekly basis from planning to full execution

  4. Passion for your travelling community – an unwavering excitement and stamina to spend a year traveling the globe with and leading a RY community, and enough swagger to make your community want to follow you around the globe

  5. Patience and tolerance - this role will test you at times. You must show emotional maturity and thoughtfulness at all times

  1. Our Program Leaders guide a group of 50-80 professionals across the world. In addition to becoming work and travel rockstars, all Program Leaders are provided with a monthly stipend, travel, accommodation, coworking access, and local experiences in each Remote Year city.