Role Description

A Remote Year Destination Leader is ultimately accountable for the experience and success of each Remote Year Destination program - delivered through a blend of operational and professional community management skills. This role includes a wide variety of responsibilities including managing all logistics related to the program, taking the lead on the majority of programming and events, building and maintaining strong relations with our customers, and providing top notch customer service.

This role requires intimate knowledge of the city you are executing in and a desire to share that passion with professionals from all over the world. Each Destination program lasts one month and this contract will be for 3-4 months but may have opportunities for multiple contract renewals. Destinations is a new product at Remote Year and the Destination Leader is a new role that requires a motivated individual who sees possibilities, has a growth mindset, and has a passion to shape the future of this role and this product for Remote Year.

Working at Remote Year is more than just a job. Being a fully distributed organization without any office base, this is definitely not your typical company. Being in a role that requires you to constantly switch between wearing one of many different hats, this is also not your everyday position. This role requires an innate desire and ability to connect with the people around you at all hours of the day, and to provide them with the support that they need. Our communities take on the personality of their Destination Leaders, so everyone in this role needs to lead by example and to continuously build community through connecting people from all walks of life and different parts of the world.


  • Customer Service - Managing our ticketing system and Remote complaints to effectively solve all lifestyle issues in a timely fashion with impeccable communication and expectation setting
  • Fostering Community - Establishing and growing a strong sense of community by managing the ebbs and flows of community dynamics and creating opportunities for strengthening personal and professional connections
  • Individual Support - Developing a strong relationship with each Remote by providing effective communications and solutions, including navigating wellbeing and other issues
  • Product Fit and Customization - Customizing the Remote Year product and managing variations to optimize for the community and all individuals
  • Operations and Logistics - Ensuring smooth and seamless arrival, experiences, and flawlessly tracking all individual and community information
  • Collective and Local Experiences - Building platforms for unique experiences and community engagement while supporting Remotes in their initiatives, with perfect communication and execution
  • Professional Development and Network - Excelling at building professional networks and finding opportunities for Remotes to grow professionally and expand their networks while in the Remote Year city


  • 2+ years of experience in operations or customer service in a professional setting
  • 4+ years living in the city you are applying for + a desire to share it with the world
  • Fluency in English and the local language is preferred
  • Experience juggling multiple projects, tasks or responsibilities in a startup environment (preferred)
  • Extended international travel experience (preferred)


  • Interpersonal Skills – This is a people’s job. You have to be able to and genuinely love connecting with diverse groups of people and personality profiles, all the time, in multiple ways.
  • Stamina - This is not your typical 9 to 5 job. Your day can range from 9-5 or 10-midnight. It varies almost daily, and a Destination Leader needs to maintain the energy of the community.
  • Communications Skills - Individual and group interaction, both with your community, our team, and local contacts, will require much of your time and energy
  • Organization Skills - Ability to seamlessly manage multiple moving pieces on a daily/weekly basis from planning to full execution
  • Patience and Tolerance - This role will test you at times. You must show emotional maturity and thoughtfulness at all times
  • Ability to Command a Crowd - A Destination Leader oftens needs to host events, facilitate workshops, lead meetings, or get the attention of 30+ people in a crowded setting. The innate ability to be able to command a crowd and communicate effectively in a group setting is vital for this role, regardless if that is in a loud bar or during a transition day when a flight gets delayed.
  • Technology Skills - Must be able to learn new technologies quickly and feel comfortable using tools like Mailchimp, Slack, Freshdesk (customer support software), and our internal customer management tools.
  • Training & Workshop Skills - Previous training or workshop experience, including community building and/or Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) facilitation.

Bonus Skills

  • Professional or Personal Development Skills - Our communities are looking for leaders that can help to shape and inspire them throughout the month. Having experience with leading workshops in the professional and personal development field is an added bonus

Our Destination Leaders guide groups of about 20-40 professionals through a one month experience. In addition to becoming work and travel rockstars, all Destination Leaders are provided with a monthly compensation, coworking space access, and local experiences in their city.

Remote Year is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.