Remote Year

Remote Year curates communities of interesting professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers from across the globe to spend either 4, 6 or 12 months together working, traveling, and exploring cities around the world. Programs spend one month in each location, connecting with local cultures and business ecosystems, while forming lifelong, personal and professional relationships along the way. Together we will shape the future of work.

Our Remote Year Local Experience Team

Imagine this: You’re traveling to a new city where you know no one, and have been introduced to someone living there by a mutual friend. You meet up with this stranger and end up having some amazing, interesting, and perspective changing experiences that can be as “small” as eating lunch with their friends or as “big” as marking something off your bucket list. Either way, that city now holds a piece of your heart, and your perspective has been expanded. This is the Remote Year Local Experience, created by our Experience Managers in every city, every month, for every Remote.

Experience Manager Role Description

Remote Year Local Experience Managers are responsible for immersing Remotes into the local culture by creating real moments that expand perspectives and create lasting impressions. Said simply, Experience Managers remove barriers between Remotes and the local experiences and communities that await them. Experience Managers do this by designing unique, immersive experiences and curating unforgettable opportunities for Remotes. Experience Managers believe that home is not a place, but a feeling and they aim to bring that feeling to life in every Remote Year city around the globe.

What We Are Looking For:

You’re already an Experience Manager. Experience Managers were already playing the part before we found them, and we hope you are too. That means you’re constantly on the quest to meet new people and connect your massive network. It means that your friends and family turn to you to know how to spend their weekend, where to eat, and what’s going on in the underground scene. It means that you have a true love for your city and helping others experience it. [Key qualities: passion for people, passion for your city and country, natural leader/go-getter, well connected]

You think big and small. Experience Managers come up with big, creative ideas for how to bring their city to life - whether that be finding 10+ Grandmas to teach Remotes how to cook, or lining up an opportunity for Remotes to spend a day inside a prison hearing the stories of prisoners. But they also know that every tiny detail matters, so transport is never late, food is never lacking a vegetarian option, and there are always enough chairs for every attendee to have a seat. [Key qualities: organized, detail oriented, creative]

People are your specialty. Local vendors? They love working with Experience Managers. Other Remote Year team members? They love working with Experience Managers. Remotes? They love being around Experience Managers. Experience Managers can effortlessly manage relationships, engage people, turn any problem into a solution, and light up any room they walk into. [Key qualities: present, engaging, enthusiastic, and approachable]


Execution and Delivery - You’ll design and execute local month-long programming to provide a platform for unique, locally immersive experiences in your city.

Vendor Management and Planning - You’ll work with local vendors daily managing and planning the budget for each and every monthly activity.

Network Building and Outreach - You’ll be at the center of all things Kuala Lumpur. You’ll be in charge of the building, coordinating and fostering our city network and relationship building across multiple networks.

Team Support - You’ll be the on-the-ground support for our Remote team and on deck to cover a range of team support day in and day out. You’ll be responsible for going above and beyond - holding Remotes and Staff weekly office hours, events and other operational support that will often require you to work on weekends.

Collaborate with our Operations Team - You’ll support our city operations manager with tasks such as monthly transitions of groups and some pre-arrival logistics.

Experience Manager Expectations:

Our Experience Manager's role doesn’t go on normal business hours. You’ll work at least two weekends per month, and often in the evenings.

The role comes with a new group of incredible Remotes every month. But at the end of the month, those incredible humans will leave, and you’ll start over again. It’s the experience of a lifetime, but it can be emotionally taxing.

This is not a traveling role. You'll be standing in one place while Remotes are constantly moving.

You’ll have video calls at weird hours. We have a global workforce working on many different time zones.

You’re going to be speaking English all the time.

Must Haves:
- Should be from Kuala Lumpur or have lived there for at least 3 years

- Excellent English speaking ability and fluency in the native language is a must

- Tourism experience preferred

- Local knowledge/contacts

- Detail oriented

- Experience using digital tools like Google Docs, Slack, Email, Excel

    Nice to Have:
    - Previous experience in event planning or hospitality

    - Previous travel experience, specifically traveling abroad for long durations of time

    - University degree or equivalent years of professional experience