City Operations Manager - Chiang Mai at Remote Year

Remote Year

City Operations Manager - Chiang Mai

Contract in Chiang Mai, TH

Remote Year Business Description

Remote Year is a program for global professionals that travel for a year with interesting people while working remotely (12 cities, 12 months). Remote Year organizes accommodations, shared workspace, travel, and events in each city for the group.

City Operations Manager Role Description

City Operations Managers are ultimately responsible for the setup and logistics of a city. They are the main point of contact for any logistical questions or issues and should work in tandem with the City Experience Manager.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Ensure infrastructure is in place for each group

    1. Help coordinate booking of apartments/coworking for each group

    2. Ensure all apartments and coworking meet specified Remote Year criteria

  2. Organize and manage logistics for the group locally (pre-arrival)

    1. Check and prepare accommodations (clean, WiFi, welcome gifts)

    2. Purchase SIM cards for the group

    3. Organize transportation from airport to accommodations and coordinate check-in to accommodations

  3. Manage logistics for the group locally (arrival)

    1. Be the main point of contact for any issues with workspace or accommodations

    2. Spend most days in the coworking space with the group

    3. Coordinate check-out of accommodations and organize transportation to airport

  4. Work in tandem/support the City Experience Manager

    1. Work in tandem with the City Experience Manager with tasks such as monthly transitions of groups and some pre-arrival logistics (city preview)

  5. Support the group throughout: be on call 24/7 for support where and when needed


  • Should be from Chiang Mai or have lived there for at least 2 years.

  • Excellent English speaking ability and fluency in the native language is a must.

  • Tourism experience

  • Local knowledge / contacts

  • Detail oriented


  1. Passion for our mission – we need to get every potential employee excited about the unique way that we are changing the world, and you are the front

  2. Passion for travel – all team members share a common passion for traveling and learning more about the world through first hand experiences

  3. Ownership – we don’t like micromanaging. We expect dedication and ownership

  4. Organization skills – great time management skills, ability to multitask

  5. Interpersonal skills - this role is responsible for quickly conveying the Remote Year brand and experience to potential Remotes (customers)